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Starburst 10 - Southwest Sunset on Black

Starburst 10 - Southwest Sunset on Black

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Dye sublimation print on aluminum
Limited Edition of 20

Savor the glow of sunset colors.

About the Design

Starburst 10 bears an overall resemblance to its predecessor Starburst 8 except that the geometry is based on 10-fold rather than 8-fold symmetries.

Gradated shading creates the illusion of a back-lit glow, drawing viewers’ eyes strongly into the center. The overall impression is of an outwardly expanding explosion, or an inwardly contracting tunnel, depending on the viewer and angle.

The shading from honey yellow to a deep plum purple give the piece a warm, molten quality.

About the Edition

This piece is offered as a Limited Edition, meaning only a limited number will ever be printed. Specifically, I will offer 5 prints at each of 4 sizes, for a total edition size of 20. Each piece will include a signature and edition number on the back, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity. When all 20 are sold, no more will be made.

About the Material

This piece is printed via dye sublimation on aluminum with a semi-gloss finish, giving it a clean, glossy look without extreme reflections. This is an incredibly durable medium, suitable for collectors. You can read more on the Materials FAQ.

What People Say

This piece immediately puts a smile on my face, and it infuses the room with positive energy. It’s actually hard for me to take my eyes off it: the colors seem to light up the room and the fractal pattern feels soothing and balancing.
- Heidi S., Lee, MA

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