Frequently Asked Questions

About the Art

What does your art "mean"? Is there a message behind it?

Unlike many "modern artists" I am not interested in writing obscure and elaborate artist’s statements, or trying to make my work seem mysterious. My goal is to celebrate the beauty, order, and serenity inherent in geometric patterns and designs. Rather than representing a particular theme or message, my art is intended simply to be beautiful and evoke pleasant emotions in the viewer. For those with a mathematical or geometric bent, there is also plenty of “brain candy” to be found by closely examining the patterns.

What's the difference between an original, a limited edition, and an open edition?

An original is a single, one-of-a-kind piece of art. My hand drawn original wall art, and some of my larger sculptures, fall into this category

Releasing a piece of art as a limited edition means that only a fixed number of the piece will ever be created. This makes the piece you purchase closer to "one of a kind" and thus increases its value as a collectible asset.

Originally applied to things like lithographs, woodblock prints, etc. I use it for my digitally created wall art, with the added flexibility that I can create several different sizes within each edition.

The term open edition refers to a piece of work that may be duplicated any number of times. My Jaalihedra™ Lamps and smaller sculptures fall in this category, since I make them on demand as many times as people order them.

How does your pricing work?

In general, pricing is affected by four factors: number, size, and material, and time.


The fewer of something there are, the higher the price. Following the logic in the previous section, originals (begin one of a kind) generally have a higher price; limited editions are in a middle range, and open editions will be on the lower end.


Within any given category, the larger the piece, the more it will cost.


The quality of the material(s) used in a given piece also influences the price, since those costs must be covered. A digital artwork on aluminum costs more to print than one on paper, and an original that includes, e.g., gold leaf and acrylic paint will cost more than a work in pen and ink.


Last but not least, the amount of time it takes to produce a work heavily influences its price. Since many of my works are very complex and/or contain many parts, they take me many hours, weeks, or even months to complete. This effort is reflected in the final price.


What are the material options for your limited edition digital art?

I issues all of my digital art as dye sublimation prints on aluminum, ofetn referred to as "metal prints". You have probably seen photographers who use this medium, as it is very popular for its high gloss, vibrant color, and fine detail - the same reasons I prefer it!

By default I print using a semi-gloss finish, which retains most of the above qualities while cutting down a bit on the problem of reflections. If you have good control of the lighting where you will be hanging the piece, you can opt for high gloss, which provides the most vibrant colors (especially black). In a very bright light situation, you can also opt for satin finish, which minimizes reflections.

What makes digital prints on aluminum so special? Will they last as long as an archival quality print?

If anything, they will last longer! The aluminum is truly a “space age” material in many ways. A thin sheet of aluminum is given a coating that is made of a crosslinked polymer, into which the image is fused. This special coating gives the surface a number of desirable properties, including:

Fade Resistant - The latest fade testing shows that prints will last a lifetime with resistance to yellowing and climate damage.

Moisture Resistant - The coated prints are resistant to moisture, making them the perfect choice for any environment.

Chemical Resistant - The chemical resistant aluminum surfaces can be cleaned with ammonia, bleach, acetone or any all-purpose cleaners.

Scratch and Abrasion Resistant - Unique substrates and coatings provide incredible scratch and abrasion resistance.

Germ Resistant- The absence of pores in the crosslinked surface means the surface is inherently inhospitable to germs.

And, because the underlying aluminum is made from recycled aluminum, it’s eco-friendly as well.

What are your lamps and sculptures made of?

Almost all of my lamps and sculptures are made of components that I laser cut out of 1/8" plywood.

I use a very high quality plywood that has a core of basswood (which is exteremly light) sandwiched between two layers of cherry, mapls, or walnut veneer. The veneer also has a thin gloss coat on it, providing extra stain and UV protection - though I do not recommend putting them in direct sunlight or spilling things on them! ;-)

Pre-Purchase Questions

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Orders, Shipping, and Returns

Where can I find your full shipping and return policies?

Basic questions about orders are answered in the rest of this section. For full details, please see my return policy and shipping policy pages which are linked in the footer of every page.

Is it safe to order on your site?

Absolutely! My store is built on the Shopify platform which conforms to all the latest standards for online shopping and payment processing.

 What are the advantages of ordering art online?

There are so many!

- You can shop from the comfort of your own home.

- Your artwork gets delivered straight to your door.

- You don’t have to travel to a gallery or deal with gallery staff.

- By eliminating the middle man, you are more directly supporting the artist (me!).

- You and I get to be directly in touch with each other about any questions you may have—I love engaging with my collectors.

- Need I go on?!

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept all major credit cards as well as many forms of online payment like Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

What happens if my limited edition wall art arrives damaged or misprinted?

Every precaution is taken to make sure that your piece is printed correctly and shipped to you safely. If there is something wrong with the piece when it arrives, just send me an email with a description for the problem and photographs showing the issue, and I will arrange for a reprint, subject to the conditions in my return policy.

What if I don’t like the piece once I hang it?

I try very hard to show you what the art looks like in context (see the previous section for details), and I have yet to have a customer not love a piece that they’ve purchased. Most sales are final, aside from accidental damage; please consult my return policy before purchasing.

If you are truly unhappy and your piece is not eligible for return under my return policy, please reach out so we can find a solution together; I am committed to the satisfaction of all my customers.