About Phil

Phil Webster - geometric artist

Phil Webster is a self-taught artist exploring the intersections of mathematical patterns and shapes, natural forms, ancient design traditions, and sacred geometry.  He blends his distinctive and diverse set of skills and interests with his lifelong love for the beauty of geometry to produce works of meditative, contemporary art and décor. 

He creates his art using a variety of techniques, ranging from traditional straightedge and compass constructions with pencil, pen, ink, and watercolor; to laser cutting wood, paper, and acrylic; to 3D printing in plastic and metal; to digital prints on paper, canvas, and metal.

His studies have been in the fields of geometry, cognitive science, music, cartography, and computer science. The common threads running through these fields inform his art and design today, including the appreciation of technological tools, aesthetics and design skills, and mathematical and programming skills.

Click here for Phil’s artist CV (PDF).

Phil was born in Rochester, New York, USA to classical musician parents. Though clearly inheriting his parents’ musical talent, he also showed a flair for math and science throughout his formative years. He went on to study mathematics at MIT before opting to complete his BS there in Brain and Cognitive Science (with a minor in Music). He also studied cognitive science at the graduate level at the University of Michigan and jazz composition and vocal performance at Berklee College of Music.

Phil has held a wide range of jobs including cartography, desktop publishing and design, web design and development, and event management, before settling for many years into a career in IT management. Throughout this time he continued to pursue both art and music, presenting his visual art internationally in over 30 shows, and arranging and performing with Boston area a cappella group The Wicked Pitches. In 2008 he produced The Wicked Pitches’ CARA award nominated album Think Twice.

In 2018 Phil decided to leave the IT field in order to pursue his art full time. He currently resides in Chandler, AZ with his wife and poodle.