About Fractal Islamic Patterns


The Fractal Islamic Patterns series is a large body of work that I've been developing ever since a pivotal trip to India in 2012. On that trip I had my first person exposure to the exquisite geometric patterns of the Islamic art tradition.

Upon my return, I wanted to find alternative approaches to these patterns. One of the core concepts in traditional designs is the representation of the infinite. This is why these patterns are often continued across vast sections of floors or walls - but always in a "wallpaper" repetitive pattern.

I wanted to find a way to combine this with the modern notion of fractals - shapes that vary wildly in scale but look the same or similar no matter how far in or out you zoom your view. 

After an intensive period of research during an artist in residency program in 2013, I succeeded in developing several variations on the same technique to create patterns that shrink fractally outward ("Infinity Blooms"), inward ("Starbursts"), and alternately on repeating grids ("Vibrations").

This avenue still has much to be explored, so there are almost definitely more Fractal Islamic Patterns coming in the future. Join the Insider's Club to be the first to know about new releases. And, if you are mathematically inclined and would like a "deep dive" into the geometry behind these patterns, check out my paper on the subject from the 2013 Bridges Conference proceedings.