Contemporary Art and Décor That Brings Peace and Order Into Your Space

Finding just the right art and décor for your contemporary home can be tough.

Landscapes? Still lifes? Folk art? Probably not your cup of tea. Then again, so much “modern art” is cryptic, confusing, and—let’s face it—some of it’s not even very pretty to look at.

Pay big bucks to hang something ugly and confusing on your wall? Again, probably not.

In these crazy, hectic times, we can all use a little more peace and order in our home sanctuaries.

If what you want is clean, elegant, modern art with a geometric flair and a meditative energy, then you’ve come to the right place.

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What You’ll Find Here

I’m Phil Webster, and I’ve had a life long love affair with geometry. My mission is to make art that expresses geometric beauty and brings peace and order into your space.

My “secret sauce” is to draw from ancient traditions – particularly, in recent years, Islamic geometric patterns – and blend them with modern mathematical concepts like fractals and polyhedra. I use these unexpected combinations to create one-of-a-kind art and décor for the contemporary home.

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  • Our piece hangs just inside the front door, and every visitor to our home comments on how incredibly neat it is.

    - Katy B, San Jose, CA

  • I find Phil's art to be both beautiful and calming. Focusing on one of his pieces is a great way to center yourself.

    - Eric W., Ann Arbor, MI

  • Having a piece by Phil is a conversation piece because of its unique design, and it is so professionally produced that the quality up-levels the décor of the space.

    - Heidi S., Lee, MA

Jaali + Polyhedra = Jaalihedra™

Inspired by the stone screens (jaali in Hindi) found in the architecture of Northwest India. Wrapped around polyhedral shapes to create a unique series of lamps and sculptures.


Lamps that suffuse your space with serene, mesmerizing patterns of light and shadow.

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Intricate wood sculptures that add calm, sophisticated beauty to your space.

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Wall Art

Digital art and hand-drawn originals that bring meditative patterns to your walls.

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