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Screened Icosahedral Lamp

Screened Icosahedral Lamp

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7" x 7" x 7"
3D printed plaster composite

Bring the wonders of Northwestern India into your home.

The piece was inspired by the stone screens (known as "jaali") I saw in the forts and palaces of Rajasthan province in India, and tries to evoke the complexity and mystery of those places.

The geometry of this piece is formed by applying a traditional, hexagonal-repeat Islamic pattern to the faces of a regular icosahedron. The 6-fold rotational centers of the original pattern that land in the centers of the faces remain intact, while those that land at the vertices "lose" 1/6 to become 5-fold.

This particular sculpture takes advantage of full-color 3D printing and utilizes a two-toned color scheme. The piece is lit from the bottom using a triple LED puck light, causing it to cast bold, intricate shadows across all nearby surfaces.

NOTE: This piece has its own built in pedestal, and ships with all necessary hardware (LED puck lamp, and standard wall plug with an inline on/off switch on the cord).

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