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Jewel Lamp "Emerald T" - Chakras

Jewel Lamp "Emerald T" - Chakras

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15" x 10" x 10"
Maple, basswood, colored washi paper

Get lost in the facets of this softly glowing celebration of the chakras.

The Jewel Lamp series explores a particular set of shapes (for the math nerds out there: polar zonohedra) that have symmetrical, faceted, shapes with points at each end.

Beautiful in their own right as small sculptures, the real magic happens when the lamps are turned on. The light fills the inset washi paper in each face with a golden glow, instantly creating a soothing, meditative ambiance in any room.

Product Details

Emerald T - Chakras features the faceted Jewel Lamp design with one end truncated so that it can rest directly on your table top on felt-bottomed feet.

Each of the seven chakras has its symbol on one of the seven sides, with its corresponding color spiraling up and down the rest of the lamp:

  • Chakra 1 - Root (Red paper)
  • Chakra 2 - Sacrum (Orange paper)
  • Chakra 3 - Solar Plexus (Yellow paper)
  • Chakra 4 - Heart (Green paper)
  • Chakra 5 - Throat (Blue paper)
  • Chakra 6 - Third Eye (Indigo paper)
  • Chakra 7 - Crown (Purple paper)

Each lamp is hand-made to order, using plywood with a basswood core and surface veneer of natural cherry, as well as genuine Japanese washi paper made from mulberry silk. (This is the same paper that is used to fashion traditional shoji screens found in Japanese architecture.)

Your lamp ships with a warm, soft light, globe bulb (recommended for best effect - though you can swap in any standard socket light bulb you prefer), and wall cord. The cord features a standard US-style wall plug (120V/60Hz AC), is 6 1/2 feet in length, and has an inline on/off switch positioned on the cord about 18 inches from the lamp base.  

Production / Shipping Time

Since each lamp is made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for production. If timing is a concern, feel free to contact me to see what my current backlog time is. Shipping speeds and options will be shown at checkout, and you will be notified as soon as your lamp ships. 


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