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Jaali Star

Jaali Star

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24" x 24" x 24"
cherry, walnut, and basswood

Enjoy the many symmetries of this sharply pointed star.

The Jaalihedra™ Sculpture series combines polyhedral shapes with perforated patterns inspired by jaali - decorative sandstone screens commonly found in the forts and castles of Northwestern India. 

Jaali Star has the exterior shape of a polyhedron with the fancy-schmancy name of a "rhombic hexacontahedron." (All this means is that it has 60 faces, all of which are rhombuses. Those Greeks and their fancy words!)

Each face is decorated with a pattern featuring 6-pointed and 12-pointed stars, some of which are inset with a contrasting type of wood.

This sculpture can lie directly on any flat surface on 5 of its points, and casts dramatic shadows when brightly lit.

Compare this with its companion piece, Jaali Ball. Fascinating Fact: 12 copies of Jalli Ball will fit exactly into the dimples of Jalli Star!

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