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Jaali Diamonds 1

Jaali Diamonds 1

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12" x 20" x 12"
maple, cherry, and walnut

Marvel at this cluster of diamonds that looks different from every angle.

The Jaalihedra™ Sculpture series combines polyhedral shapes with perforated patterns inspired by jaali - decorative sandstone screens commonly found in the forts and castles of Northwestern India. 

Jaali Diamonds 1 has the exterior shape of a grouping of shapes known in math circle as "rhombic dodecahedra." Each face is decorated with a well-known pattern featuring 10-petaled rosettes.

The most striking thing about this piece is how dramatically different it looks at different angles. From some angles it looks square, from another hexagonal. It can be enjoyed on the pedestal (included), laying flat on a surface, or (delicately!) on three points.

If you like this sculpture, check out its successor, Jaali Diamonds 2.

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