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Jaalihedra™ Lamp "Pentastar 1" - Blue/Silver

Jaalihedra™ Lamp "Pentastar 1" - Blue/Silver

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7" x 7" x 8"
wood, acrylic paint, LED light

Sold out, or want a different color? Custom order this design.

Set your room aglow with beautiful, serene patterns of light and shadow.

The Jaalihedra™ Lamp series combines polyhedral shapes with perforated patterns inspired by jaali - decorative sandstone screens commonly found in the forts and castles of Northwestern India. Beautiful in their own right as small tabletop sculptures, the real magic happens when the lamps are turned on. The light casts bold patterns of light and shadow on any nearby surfaces, instantly creating a striking, meditative ambiance in any room.

Dual Illumination Modes

Every Jaalihedra™ Lamp has two illumination modes. In "single LED" mode, the light is more subdued and a single, crisp pattern is projected onto your walls and ceiling. In "multi LED" mode, the light is much more vibrant and a cascade of overlapping patterns dances on your walls and ceiling. The simple addition or removal of a small insert (included) makes changing modes a breeze.

Product Details

Each lamp is assembled from laser cut wood panels, hand painted in spray acrylic paint (for non-natural wood colors), and varnished for durability and UV protection. Your lamp ships with the lamp, base, single/multi LED insert, and wall cord. The cord features a standard US-style wall plug (120V/60Hz AC), is 6 1/2 feet in length, and has an inline on/off switch positioned on the cord about 18 inches from the lamp base.  


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