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Infinity Bloom 8 - Moroccan Tile on White

Infinity Bloom 8 - Moroccan Tile on White

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Dye sublimation print on aluminum
Limited Edition of 20

Travel to Morocco from the comfort of your home.

About the Design

This piece shares the same 8-fold framework as the original Infinity Bloom 8. The difference is that the angles of the star motifs are much wider. In the parlance of Islamic design, this makes them part of the “median” family of patterns, rather than the “acute” pattern of the earlier works. This one change leads to a drastically different overall effect.

Rather than the color gradient scheme I typically employ, in this piece I opted for a palette much more reminiscent of traditional Moroccan tile work. This makes it one of my most bright and festive pieces to date.

About the Edition

This piece is offered as a Limited Edition, meaning only a limited number will ever be printed. Specifically, I will offer 5 prints at each of 4 sizes, for a total edition size of 20. Each piece will include a signature and edition number on the back, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity. When all 20 are sold, no more will be made.

About the Material

This piece is printed via dye sublimation on aluminum with a semi-gloss finish, giving it a clean, glossy look without extreme reflections. This is an incredibly durable medium, suitable for collectors. You can read more on the Materials FAQ.


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